Specialty Items

Specialty Items

In addition to the various commercial installation items, Hershocks offers a variety of specialty items that help to add safety, convenience, and comfort to your commercial applications. These items include lavatory partitions, sun shades, canopies, screens, and glass handrails.

Our commercial installation team is available to help you to get the exact dimensions, styles, and material for your commercial lavatory partitions and stalls.

Hershocks also offers a variety of sun shades, canopies, and screens that are designed to block the sun’s light and heat. The installation of a sun shade can help improve comfort in a commercial setting while also controlling energy costs.

Glass handrail systems are an important safety item for commercial applications such as the stairways, ramps, mezzanines, balconies, and more. Commercial handrails are subject to strict requirements to ensure building safety, so trust the expertise of Hershocks’ installation team to provide a safe and reliable handrail system.

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