Folding Partitions

Folding Partitions and Folding Partition Wall Installation

Folding partitions or folding partition walls are often used by businesses to divide space, create flexible privacy solutions, or reduce noise disturbances. Give your business the ability to turn one room into two quickly and easily.

Hershocks offers a wide selection of options, such as Custom Accordion Doors, Acoustical Accordion Folding Partitions, and Operable and Re-locatable Walls from industry leaders such as Panelfold® and Woodfold®.

Hershocks provides systems from the following manufacturers:


  • Aluminum or Wood Folding Glass Walls
  • Aluminum or Wood Sliding Glass Doors


  • Moduflex® Operable Walls
  • Sonicwal® Accordion Partition
  • Scale® Folding Partitions
  • Fabricwal® Accordion Partitions


  • Visifold® See-Through Commercial Security Doors
  • Alumifold® Security Doors

Let Hershocks help manage your existing workspaces efficiently and economically by installing your folding partition system.

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